Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Alphabet Books

Today we had a brainstorm about our letter of the week - h!  We thought of lots of words that start with h.  Have a look to see what we thought of.  Can you think of any more?

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Jen (Gg's mum) said...

Wow! Fantastic drawings and impressive brainstorming iBots......that's a lot of "H" words. I like animals so I thought about animals that start with the letter " H".......Hamster, Hen and hedgehog. Can you think of a shape that starts with the letter H?

Leanne (Sofina's Proud Mum) said...

You are so great a brainstorming all those wonderful 'H' words iBots. I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful drawings. I haven't had my lunch yet so I was thinking of food that starts with the letter 'H' ... hotdog, ham, honey.

Anonymous said...

Great 'H' words ibots! Well done - Jims Mum