Thursday, 21 February 2013


Thank you to those of you who took up the opportunity to come in for 'Meet the Teacher' the other night. Several of you asked about ways to get involved and to stay in touch. Well - did you see the post in the TNB? Have a read for some great ideas about how you can stay in touch... 


Have you been to visit your child's class or personal blog? Each class at Russell Street makes weekly or even daily posts on their Blog. Links to each classes blog can be found on both the TNB and School Website. Students and teachers share important news and events and you through moving and still images, sounds and words. There are links to notices and home learning activities. We are very proud of our class Blogs with many receiving national recognition as the best in the country. I'm sure you will find these sites a valuable tool in staying informed and involved. We actively encourage parent participation in the Blog's through commenting. Children love to get feedback and this spurs them on to creating even more powerful learning. If you are unsure about commenting feel free to see James in the office or see your child's teacher.

How else can I be informed and involved?  We have a variety of ways of communicating at Russell Street to meet the various needs of a busy school and community. Below are some of the ways we communicate and their purpose.

The TNB is our online newsletter and is updated almost daily with information relating to organization and celebrating success.  Subscribing to a RSS feed can keep you up to date with changes. Each week we send a text to remind families to check online.

The Russell Street School website is a store of information containing BOT reports, school policies, history, staff profiles etc. A new post linked to school learning or strategic priorities may be made weekly or fortnightly. The school website is also a portal to any online spaces students and our community may need to go to regularly.

The RSS Community Calendar linked on the TNB and school website has upcoming events for each term. We add these events as times, venues, participants and activities are confirmed.

We stream our assemblies live. If you are unable to attend an assembly of your child, or have family living elsewhere in the world, you or they can tune in live or see the recorded video by clicking the assembly link on the school website.

Twitter text reminders such as ... sausage sizzle money due, swimming sports tomorrow ... can be received on any telecom or vodafone mobile phone. Simply TXT: follow Russell_Street, to 8987 for updates. This has no cost and can be unsubscribed from at a later date.

Keep an eye out for chalk notices on the footpath, whiteboards and paper notices in your children's bags. Paper notices are usually only sent home when it is vital that information gets through to all of our community.

We highly value face to face meetings and informal chats, planning three formal meetings a year to focus on your child's progress and development. Developing a personal relationship with families is a high priority for all staff and we look forward to seeing you each day.

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