Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Teddy Bear's Picnic

This week we are reading a big book about teddy bears AND we have a poem about teddy bears. We have decided to bring our teddy bears to school for a teddy bears picnic! Could your child please bring their favourite teddy bear to school on Thursday AND Friday? On Thursday, we will be doing lots of talking about our teddy bears for statistics and on Friday we will have our own teddy bears picnic!


Jen (Gg's mum) said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure your teddy bears are getting excited!......we all know that teddy bears gives special hugs, what else can your teddy bear do?.....can your teddy bear sing, dance or do special tricks?

RSS iBots said...

Ollie said that his kiwi does the haka!
Micahel pretends that his monkey dances!
Cruze had a dinosaur.
Cullen has a teddy bear that does the haka!

Jen (Gg's Mum) said...

That's amazing iBots...I'd like to see Ollie's kiwi and Cullen's teddy bear do the haka. Im sure that Cruze's dinosour migth like to join in, or they can all dance with Micahel's monkey....sounds fun! Im looking forward to thursday to meet your teddy bears.

Sandy (Michael's mum) said...

Monkey is getting very old now but he still does a mean back-spin....he just cant get back up again :)