Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Check this Out!

Today we were very lucky to see a real cloak. It belongs to Ebony's husband. Here are some of our stories that we wrote...

"I felt the cloak and it was soft.  It has red on it."  Ava

"I saw the cloak and I touched it.  It was orange and it was green."  Danika

"I saw the cloak.  I felt it.  It was soft."  Jim

"I saw the cloak.  It had feathers.  It had orange and blue feathers."  Bryn

"I saw the cloak."  Eva

"I saw the cloak and I touched it."  Cruze

What a beautiful cloak!  Thanks Ebony.


Debbie (Danikas Mum) said...

Wow what a special treat to be able to see something so special. It is a stunning Cloak. Danika was telling us all about it when she got home from school.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cloak. Thank you to Ebony for arranging such a great treat for the children. What types of feathers were used in the cloak?
Vicki (isaac's mum)