Tuesday, 9 April 2013


When we arrive at the marae, we wait at the gate.  We wait until we are welcomed on. 

The ladies are going to call us (the manuhiri) on to the marae.

We will go onto the marae.  The ladies and girls walk at the front, 
the men and the boys walk at the back.

The lady is singing to the visitors.  
The men and boys sit at the front, the ladies and girls sit at the back.

The man is getting up to talk to us.  He will welcome us to the marae.

The people of the marae (tangata whenua) will sing to welcome us.

Stephen will talk for us.  He will thank the people for welcoming us to the marae. 
Then we will stand up and sing because we agree with what Stephen will say.

We will then hongi.  This is when you press your nose to someone else's nose. 
We have practised this at school.


James @ Russell Street School said...

What a neat idea. I can see all the important steps in a powhiri. I wonder what it will sound like?


Anonymous said...

Great pictures to explain the process. Isaac enjoyed the singing and I was very impressed with the welcome onto the marae by Monarch block. Thank you for providing our children with such an awesome cultural learning experience.

Anonymous said...
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