Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cross Country

Well done iBots! I am SO proud of you! You all did a fabulous job of running in the cross country today. I am sure you will sleep really well tonight!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Food Pyramid

Here we are making a food pyramid with Rachel! We have been talking about how we need to eat the most foods from the bottom and the least foods from the top.


Cullen, Maia and Juliette are learning how to write numbers to 20. See how they got on today...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Big Kids!

We found out that some of the big kids at Russell Street School don't choose healthy food for brainfood!  We think they should!  We wrote them some letters yesterday...

We had 2 learning goals -
* WALT persuade
****We need to - share our opinion and give a reason.

* WALT take risks in our writing
****We need to use a word we have never used before.

How do you think we got on with these learning goals?

Here are some of our stories...

Big kids - eat healthy food for brainfood because brainfood is healthy!  Juliette

I think the big kids brains need healthy food because it helps them think.  Gg

I think the big kids have to eat carrots and feijoas because I don't think cake is healthy.  Danika

Big kids - ask you Mum to get you healthy brainfood.  Maia

I am going to the big boys.  You need healthy brainfood because you might get fat!  Jim

Big kids - you need to have healthy food because you might get sick.  Bryn

You have to eat good brainfood because it is healthy for you.  Oliver

Bad food has lots of sugar so it is not vitamins.  Michael

Healthy brainfood is important because it makes your brain work.  Cullen

Big kids - you are not supposed to have bad brainfood because it is bad for you.  Florence

Big kids - you have to eat good brainfood.  Kyle

I think the big kids need good brainfood.   Chris

Pineapple is good.  I like it.  Eric

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bad Brainfood

On Friday, we made another poster - this time about things that would make bad brainfood!

Have a look at our ideas...

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Welcome Certificates

We had our first full assembly of the year on friday and we were presented with welcome certificates. Check out the coverage here...

Friday, 17 May 2013

Singing with Tohora and the Bright Bugs

Every Friday, we have singing with Tohora and the Bright Bugs.  Here we are singing "5 Little Buns"...

Thursday, 16 May 2013


We are talking about healthy food. Today we were focusing on brainfood - what makes good brainfood? We looked in our lunch boxes to see all of the things that we could choose. Look at the poster we made...

Why do these things make good brainfood?
* They make you strong.
* They keep you healthy.
* They are yummy.
* They help your brain to work.
* Vitamins keep you healthy.

Do you have any other ideas?

New Words!

We love new words in the iBots.

Yesterday we learnt three new words that we had never heard of before.

Persuade, opinion and reason.

An opinion is something that we think - we don't have to think the same as other people. It is our idea. Our example was about things we like and don't like. My opinion is that broccoli is yucky; Florence's opinion is that broccoli is yummy.

A reason is when we tell someone why... e.g. I hate broccoli because it feels yucky in my mouth.

Persuade is making someone else think how we think. An example of this is "Please don't make me eat the broccoli because it feels yucky in my mouth."

Sometimes we try to persuade someone in our family..."Please can you take me to the skatepark because my friend is going to be there."

 Great thinking iBots!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Discovery Time

We had our very first Discovery Time today!  We had such a great afternoon...while we were creating, playing and exploring, we were focusing on using kind words when we speak to our friends.

Here are some examples of how we spoke kindly to each other...
* Danika asked Bryn and Ollie if they wanted to have a 'Zappy Zoomer' race with her.
* Cruze invited Kyle to play with the train set with him.
* Florence helped Ollie learn how to throw the Zappy Zoomer.

Did you hear any kind words during discovery time today?  You could leave us a comment to tell us what it was!