Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Big Kids!

We found out that some of the big kids at Russell Street School don't choose healthy food for brainfood!  We think they should!  We wrote them some letters yesterday...

We had 2 learning goals -
* WALT persuade
****We need to - share our opinion and give a reason.

* WALT take risks in our writing
****We need to use a word we have never used before.

How do you think we got on with these learning goals?

Here are some of our stories...

Big kids - eat healthy food for brainfood because brainfood is healthy!  Juliette

I think the big kids brains need healthy food because it helps them think.  Gg

I think the big kids have to eat carrots and feijoas because I don't think cake is healthy.  Danika

Big kids - ask you Mum to get you healthy brainfood.  Maia

I am going to the big boys.  You need healthy brainfood because you might get fat!  Jim

Big kids - you need to have healthy food because you might get sick.  Bryn

You have to eat good brainfood because it is healthy for you.  Oliver

Bad food has lots of sugar so it is not vitamins.  Michael

Healthy brainfood is important because it makes your brain work.  Cullen

Big kids - you are not supposed to have bad brainfood because it is bad for you.  Florence

Big kids - you have to eat good brainfood.  Kyle

I think the big kids need good brainfood.   Chris

Pineapple is good.  I like it.  Eric

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Anonymous said...

Very persuasive arguments iBots. I hope you make to change some of the big kids habits.