Tuesday, 20 August 2013


On Monday, we read a book called "Wishy-Washy Tractor." It is about how Mrs Wishy-Washy got stuck in the mud with her tractor. The cow, the duck and the pig were her heroes because they saved the day - they helped her get the tractor out of the mud.

I asked the children if we could be hereos - we didn't think we could!

We made a list of all of the things that we know heroes have and do. Check out our list...

 -save the day
 -do kung fu
 -fight baddies
 -save people
 -wear gloves
 -wear a mask
 -wear a cape
 -save the world
 -run fast
 -have guns
 -ride on things
 -have cars
 -do magic
 -run on ice
 -play with fire
 -have bow and arrows
 -change into something else

 We then went through the list to see which characteristics applied to the pig, the cow and the duck... NOT MANY!

Here is our new list...

 - They saved the day
 - They saved people (Mrs Wishy-Washy)
 - They helped someone

We decided that we could do that too! We don't have to have a mask and a cape to be a hero!


Anonymous said...

Would love to see some pictures of this.

Leanne said...

Great thinking iBots. It was so cool to see your thoughts. What a clever teacher you have leading you on this heroic journey.